No. Patent Number Date Patent Person
200920311808.6 Combined trap
2010.06.30 Patents
201120329454.5 An energy saving device for catalytic reactive distillation process
2012.07.11 Patents
201220286064.9 A micro-bubble mass transfer tray
2013.03.13 Patents
201320396903.7 Separation and recovery device of alcoholysis liquid waste in polyvinyl alcohol production
2013.12.11 Patents
201420103489.0 An efficient device for extracting asphalt oil from oil sands
2014.07.30 Patents
201420166815.2 A catalytic distillation tray
2014.10.22 Patents
201420350725.9 A device for durene extracting from methanol synthetic oil
2014.11.26 Patents
201320619422.8 A device for high-purity butanol recovering via butanol dehydration
2014.12.17 Patents
201420351262.8 Foam structured packing with obliquity transition
2014.12.17 Patents
201420350983.7 A device for converting residual energy at the top of distillation tower into electric energy
2014.12.17 Patents
201420738995.7 Reactive distillation device for butanol production via butanal hydrogenation
2015.05.20 Patents
201520397939.6 A three-column device for recovering ethylene and ethane from dry gas by oil absorption
2015.06.10 Patents
201520311722.9 A refining device for oil sand atmospheric and vacuum distillation combined thermal cracking
2015.10.21 Patents
201520312310.7 A device for separating pseudocumene from pseudocumene-rich methanol synthetic oil
2015.10.21 Patents
201520355202.8 A device for preparing ethylbenzene from ethylene by pressure swing adsorption of refinery dry gas
2015.10.21 Patents
201520311585.9 A compound solvent extraction device for atmospheric and vacuum dry distillation of oil sand
2015.10.21 Patents
201521107567.5 A system of hydrophilic reversible solvent assisted oil sand separation by organic solvent 
2016.04.07 Patents
200610013409.2 Tower truss support beam
2007.09.26 Patents
200610013462.2 Thermal compensated oil sump tank
2008.07.09 Patents
200610013368.7 Feed distributor with anti-swirl baffle
2007.12.01 Patents
200610013410.5 Liquid and energy absorber
2009.05.20 Patents
200710150233.x A method and device of differential pressure and low energy consumption distillation
2010.01.27 Patents
200710060353.0 Desulfurization method for hydrocarbon recombination alkylation of FCC gasoline
2010.05.19 Patents
200810052336.7 A device and method for preparation of seal oil
2010.06.16 Patents
200910068733.8 A system and method for continuous treatment of contaminated soil with middle and high concentration of petroleum hydrocarbon
2010.11.03 Patents
200910067981.0 A vacuum transfer line with low pressure drop 
2010.12.08 Patents
200810152404.7 Preparation method of oil oxidation desulfurization catalyst
2010.12.15 Patents
200810052269.9 Catalytic distillation column internals for efficient mass transfer
2011.04.06 Patents
200910068066.3 Off-site remediation system and operation method of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil
2011.06.08 Patents
200810052841.1 Continuous distillation method and device for furfuryl refining
2011.07.20 Patents
200910068619.5 Herringbone baffles with openings and the arrangement in tower
2011.08.17 Patents
200810151889.8 An off-site remediation system and treatment method for  contaminated soil with volatile organic compounds
2011.11.09 Patents
200810053709.2 FCC absorption and stabilization system with gasoline cutting and process of producing propylene and olefin reduction
2011.12.14 Patents
200810052842.6 Acoupled process and device of precise filtration and continuous distillation for furfuryl refining
2012.05.02 Patents
200810054336.0 Energy saving device and technology of progressive crude oil distillation
2012.05.02 Patents
200910068397.7 Energy saving technology and device for ethanol distillation and dehydration
2012.05.30 Patents
201010173752.X Resource tail gas treatment system and process of soil vapor extraction remediation technology
2012.05.30 Patents
200910068884.3 System and operation method of impurity removal from light oil via methanol distillation
2012.06.13 Patents
200810152507.3 Desulfurization method for high aromatic hydrocarbon oil
2012.08.08 Patents
200810054337.5 Ethylene quench device and compressed energy saving technology
2012.08.15 Patents
201010101148.6 A refining method and equipment for methanol synthetic oil
2012.10.10 Patents
200910070087.9 Oil washing energy saving device and operation technology of condensation recovery system via oil shale dry distillation
2012.11.14 Patents
200910068555.9 Energy saving device and operation process of absorption and stabilization system
2012.12.12 Patents
201010101147.1 Separation and purification device and process of methanol synthetic oil with high aromatic hydrocarbon
2013.05.08 Patents
200910068065.9 The oil-gas energy saving device and operation technology of catalytic cracking fractionator
2013.08.07 Patents
201110315830.X Dual-layer collective liquid distributor with side draw
2013.09.25 Patents
201110259747.5 An energy saving process and device for catalytic reaction distillation process
2013.12.11 Patents
201210256881.4 Catalytic reaction distillation technology and device of  high-purity natural benzaldehyde
2014.03.05 Patents
201110259519.8 Ionic liquid and separation method for assisted oil sand separation
2014.04.16 Patents
201210200449.3 An absorption-distillation method and device for separation of carbon dioxide-epoxy propane mixture
2014.05.07 Patents
201210200631.9 A flash-distillation method and device for separation of carbon dioxide-epoxy propane mixture
2014.07.30 Patents
201210574220.6 Absorption and hydration coupling device and method for separating ethylene and ethane in catalytic cracking dry gas or ethylene pyrolysis gas
2014.09.10 Patents
201210433254.3 A method and device for oil sand separation
2014.09.10 Patents
201210570156.4 Preparation method and device of gas hydrate of direct phase change heat transfer
2014.10.15 Patents
201210251254.1 An annular feed distributor without flow deflector
2014.10.29 Patents
201210214520.3 Oil tank with expansion ring and its application
2014.12.17 Patents
201210114196.8 A technique for direct separation of petroleum resin raw materials from cracked C9 fraction
2015.01.07 Patents
201310749435.1 System and method of acetonitrile separation from acetonitrile-water-dicyclopentadiene system
2015.07.08 Patents
201310593601.3 Reactive distillation method and device for hydrogenation of methyl acetate to ethanol
2015.07.29 Patents
201510591120.8 An efficient angle steel tray
2015.09.16 Patents
201510657314.3 A grid packing for mass transfer and heat exchange in washing and dedusting device
2015.10.13 Patents
201310749479.4 A device and method of hydration absorption gas stripping for ethylene and ethane recovering in FCC dry gas or ethylene cracking gas
2015.10.21 Patents
201410314218.4 Direct-touch deep cooling device and recovery method for exhaust gas recovery of volatile organic compound
2016.02.26 Patents
201410635184.9 Fractionation and absorption stabilization system of FCCU and energy saving method
2016.06.08 Patents
201410801956.1 Liquid distributor with collecting tank
2016.06.08 Patents
201410299046.8 Method and device for extracting durene from methanol synthetic oil
2015.08.19 Patents
201410139005.2 A catalytic distillation tray
2016.02.10 Patents
201310468583.6 A method and device for high-purity butanol recovering via butanol dehydration
2016.03.24 Patents
201410708749.1 Reactive distillation method and device for synthesis of butyraldehyde from carbonylation at low pressure
2016.04.20 Patents
201310593611.7 Production process and device of methyl acetate hydrogenation to ethanol
2016.08.17 Patents
201510276185.3 Device and method for preparing ethylbenzene from recovered ethylene by using pressure swing adsorption of refinery dry gas
2016.08.24 Patents
201510245619.3 A compound solvent extraction device and method for atmospheric and vacuum distillation of oil sands
2016.11.16 Patents
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