3.Alcohol products
3.1 Methanol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Tray of rectification recovery tower of methanol unit Yanzhou Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Φ5600 2017.02
2 Fusel rectification system Inner Mongolia Junengxiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Φ1400 2016.09
3 600,000 t/a methanol rectification technology and tower internals Shandong Jinmei Mingshui Chemical Group Φ4400 2015.06
4 Internals of methanol rectification tower Shanxi Jinmei Huayu Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ3100 2015.04
5 Tower internals of 1 # methanol rectification pressurization tower, atmospheric tower renovation project Anhui Haoyuan Group Φ1800 2014.04
6 Methanol tower renovation Cangzhou Lingang Xindeli Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ1000 2015.01
7 Methanol plant of 600,000 t/a ethylene glycol driving residual gas comprehensive utilization project Ordos Xinhang Energy Co., Ltd. Ф2600 2014.03
8 Qinghai salt lake methanol plant project Tianchen Ф4000 2013.06
9 Methanol distillation tower internals of PTMEG project Chongqing Chiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ1600 2012.05
10 Tower internals of 600,000 t/a methanol project in Xuzhou Mine Baoji Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. Φ3000 2011.04
3.2 Ethanol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Tower internals of 100,000 t/ a syngas-to-ethanol technology demonstration project Shaanxi Xinghua Group Co., Ltd. Ф2400 2015.10
2 150,000 t/a of cassava fuel ethanol project Guangdong Bioenergy Co., Ltd. Φ4200 2015.01
3 10,000 t/a 2-mercaptoethanol plant expansion Guangdong Zhonghe Chemical & Plastic Co., Ltd. Tianxing High-tech Branch Φ1200/2400 2013.03
4 Distillation column inner parts for the pilot test line project of industrial gas fermentation to produce fuel ethanol Shougang Group Φ400 2012.03
5 Distillation tower device internals of tail gas to ethanol demonstration plant project Baogang Gas Steel Factory Φ400 2011.09
3.3 Butanol and octanol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 250,000 t/a butanol and octanol project Anqing Refining & Chemical Shuguang Butyl Alcohol Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ1200 2016.11
2 Hydrogenation combined unit of 200 000 t/a butanol and octanol project (Phase I) Liaoning Yuantai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Φ3000 2016.05
3 Modification of isobutyraldehyde tower of 70,000 t/a butyloctanol plant Shandong Jianlan Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ3000 2015.04
4 250,000 t/a butanol and octanol joint venture project China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Anqing Branch Ф2800 2014.01
3.4 1,4-butanediol(BDO)
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Design and processing of internals of BDO recovery tower Tianjin University DN600 2016.12
2 Delighting tower and product tower internals of transformation project of BDO product decolorization distillation unit Xinjiang Meike Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ2000 2015.02
3 Maleic anhydride project Puyang Shengyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Φ6000 2013.07
4 60,000 t/a 1,4-butanediol technical renovation project Hancheng Tiangong Metallurgy Co., Ltd. Φ3700/Φ2400/Φ2800 2013.07
5 MAH device of 80,000 t/a maleic anhydride and derivative integration project Ningbo Jiangning Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ8300 2012.03
6 55,000 t/a BDO project Shandong Huiying New Materials Co., Ltd. Φ1100 2012.03
7 100,000 t/a 1,4 butanediol project Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Φ1800/Φ4400 2011.04
8 Design and manufacture of 44,000 t/a THF and supporting works of container inner parts and fillers Nanjing Lanxing Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. Φ250 2011.02
3.5 1,3-propanediol (PDO)/neopentyl glycol/butanol/other alcohols
Achievements in butanol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Butanol pre-rectification tower tray in Yankuang Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd. Yankuang Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ1500 2017.01
2 Butanol isomer internals Shandong Jianlan Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ2400 2013.12
3 150,000 t/a butanol project Yankuang Guotai Acetyl Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ2900 2012.01
Achievements in PDO unit (1, 3-propylene glycol)
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Recovery of propylene glycol and methyl ether project Jishen Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Φ2200 2012.10
2 PDO distillation unit - debutante tower Heilongjiang Chenneng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Φ500 2011.07
Achievements in hexanediol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 2*10, 000 t/a HG (hexanediol) synthesis device Shandong Heze Liyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ1200 2012.07
Achievements in propanol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Propanol dehydrating tower project Zhangjiajie Jiurui Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. DN350 2015.05
2 Expansion plant of 10,000 t/a n-propanol and 10,000 t/a n-propyl acetate Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ2400 2014.02
3 Design and manufacture of the deacetone tower internals of isopropanol distillation system heat integration technology application PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical Company Φ600 2012.08
Achievements in neopentyl glycol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Packing and tower internals of the 30,000 t/a neopentyl glycol expansion project Zhangjiagang Huachang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Φ2400 2016.04
2 Packing replacement of pre-rectification tower BASF Jihua Neopentyl Glycol Co., Ltd.   2015.07
Achievements in polyol
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Improvement project of acetone cyanohydrin plant of No. 2 chemical plant Daqing Petrochemical Machinery Plant DN400 2016.10
2 Polyol unit of 60,000 t TPU project in industrial park Yantai Wanhua Chemical Design Institute Co., Ltd. Φ1000 2014.02
3 Tower internals renovation project of acetone cyanohydrin refining in No.1 polymer plant Daqing Refining and Chemical Company Ф600 2013.07
4 Thousand tons of synthesis gas to produce low-carbon mixed alcohol industrial sideline research project China Shenhua Coal to Oil Co., Ltd. Φ1100 2013.05
5 10 t/h furfuryl alcohol refining plant Hongye Biochemical Co., Ltd. Puyang Branch Φ600/Φ1200 2012.09

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