4.Benzene products
NO. Project name Client Tower diameter/mm Time
1 Modification of feed distribution pipe of debenzene tower Beijing Yanshan Zhonghai Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. Φ4200 2016.05
2 Benzene production device of energy-saving transformation of two-stage hydrogenation unit China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Beijing Yanshan Branch Φ1000/Φ1500 2015.12
3 Light tower and naphthalene component tower of naphthaleneproduction device Tianli Industrial Co., Ltd. Φ2200 2015.05
4 Comprehensive utilization project of 80,000 t/a heavy aromatic hydrocarbons Maoming Hongxin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ3000 2015.01
5 350,000 t/a phenol and acetone unit Huizhou Refining & Chemical Branch, CNOOC Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ5200 2015.01
6 Reactive distillation and column internals design of pilot study on o-xylene liquid-phase oxidation technology Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Company Refining and Chemical Company Ф1000 2014.09
7 Industrial test of new process of isopropyl benzene bubble point reaction Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch Φ2000 2014.09
8 Methanol distillation tower of 15Kt/a o-cresol plant project Hunan Xinling Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ2200/600 2013.07
9 Biphenyl distillation tower renovation project Xuchang Longxingda Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Φ1200 2013.06
10 40,000 t/a C9 deep processing comprehensive utilization project Chengdu Hongding Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Φ3500 2013.05
11 50,000 t/a DCP project Akzo Nobel Oxide (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Φ2000 2013.01
12 150,000 t/a mixed aromatic cutting plant Guangxi Beihai Heyuan Investment Co., Ltd. Φ1800 2012.10
13 Tail gas treatment project of toluene oxidation China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical Branch Φ1400 2011.11
14 Renovation of aniline dehydration tower of 70,000 t/a aniline plant Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd. Φ1000 2011.05
15 Acetone demethanol reconstruction project of biphenol unit China Petrochemical Corporation Yanshan Branch No. 3 Chemical Plant Φ1500 2011.02

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