Packaged technology
1. Light hydrocarbon separation technology   
2. Butanol and octanol separation technology
3. Sulfur recovery and separation technology
4. Coupling separation and energy saving technology of high purity polysilicon
5. Preparation technology of oil additives
6. Reaction distillation technology of light gasoline etherification
7. Reaction distillation technology of gasoline desulfurization
8. Styrene refining technology
9. Mesitylene refining technology  
10. 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene separation technology
11. 1,2,4,5-Tetramethylbenzene refining technology
12. C4 comprehensive utilization and separation technology
13. C5 separation technology
14. Separation technology of high purity pentane
15. Separation technology of C6 solvent oil
16. Separation technology of high purity cyclohexane
17. Synthesis and separation technology of C9 resin
18. Separation technology of C10 arene
19. Technology of extracting styrene from cracked gasoline
20. Separation technology of ethylene tar
21. Separation technology of industrial indene
22. Highly efficient separation technology of coal to gasoline
23. Separation technology of coal tar
24. Refining technology of crude phenol from coal tar
25. Separation technology of high purity dimethylphenol
26. Refining technology of crude benzene
27. Separation technology of gas from coal
28. Methanol separation technology
29. Cryogenic methanol washing and separation technology
30. Highly efficient and energy saving separation technology of ethanol
31. Separation technology of ethylene oxide
32. Separation technology of ethylene glycol unit
33. Preparation of ethanol from methyl acetate
34. Reactive distillation technology of methyl acetate hydrolysis
35. Packaged technologies for desulfurization and denitration
36. Technology of natural products extraction by molecular distillation
37. Highly efficient oil/water separation technology
38. Separation technology of fatty acid
39. Separation technology of fish oil
40. Cyclohexanone separation technology
41. Separation technology of cyclohexanone fat
42. Cyclohexene separation technology
43. Cyclohexanol separation technology
44. Separation technology of adipic acid
45. Adiponitrile separation technology
46. Separation technology of high purity organic titanium
47. Separation technology of ethylenediamine
48. Ethylenediamine separation technology
49. Separation technology of high purity dimethyl gallium
50. Separation technology of high purity lactate
51. Glycerine refining technology
52. Separation technology of 1, 3- propanediol
53. Separation technology of caprolactam oximation
54. Menstruum recovery technology
55. Energy-saving refining technology of tetrahydrofuran
56. Ammonia recovery and refining technology
57. Dichloromethane recovery technology
58. Toluene-water separation technology
59. Ammonia-nitrogen contained wastewater treatment technology
60. Purification technology of benzoquinone
61. Purification technology of tricresol
62. Purification technology of n-propyl benzene
63. Pentane separation technique
64. Methylal refining technology
65. Distillation-membrane coupling solvent recovery technology
66. Complete set of technologies for reaction distillation esterification
67. VOCs recovery technology
68. New desulfurization technology
69. Low temperature heat utilization technology
70. Restoration technology of chemical relocation site
71. A complete set of technologies for development and efficient utilization of oil sand resources
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