Professor Yilong Qian from Taiwan University came to the Distillation Center for academic exchanges
Professor Yilong Qian from Taiwan University came to the Distillation Center for academic exchanges
On October 13, Professor Yilong Qian from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Taiwan University came to the Distillation Center for a one-month academic visit and exchange. During the visit, lectures on energy-saving technologies in the rectification process, reactive distillation and extractive distillation were held successively. The academic frontier issues were jointly discussed and studied. During the exchange, Professor Qian visited the site of the pilot base of Binhai New Area accompanied by the teachers of the center. In addition, Professor Qian also gave four special lectures for the graduates majoring in chemical engineering in the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Tianjin University, and provided after-class tutoring and question-answering.
Professor Yilong Qian is a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has worked as a senior consultant engineer in the General Engineering Department of DuPont for eight years. He is currently a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Taiwan University and deputy editor of the Journal of Process Control. The research directions include various separation procedures containing azeotropic mixtures, various reactive distillation procedures, process design and control of coal gasification polygeneration processes, design and control of various biomass-based chemical processes, renewable programs, various types of energy-saving separation procedures, air separation procedures, etc.
Professor Yilong Qian's visit strengthened the understanding of the scientific research direction and content of both parties, reached consensus on some issues concerning process energy saving and special distillation technology, and provided a platform and opportunity for the establishment of in-depth research cooperation with each other in the future.
Professors from the University of Western Ontario in Canada came to the Distillation Center for exchange
On October 27, Prof. Ajay K. Ray and Prof. Madhumita B. Ray, dean of the School of Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering of the University of Western Ontario, Canada, came to the Distillation Center for academic and technical exchanges. In the report of “Design of Simulated Moving Beds for Difficult and Reactive Separations” and “Micropollutants in Water: Implications for Source Water Protection and Resource Recovery”, the center director Professor Xingang Li and other teachers and technicians have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with two professors on two fields of the moving bed design and wastewater treatment.
Professor Ajay K. Ray's main research directions include industrial reactors and process simulation, multi-objective optimization, simulation of impossible separation processes for moving bed, integration of semiconductor photocatalytic reactors and separators, mixture moving bed crystallization, and oscillating reactors. Professor Madhumita B. Ray's main research direction is deep treatment of contaminated water resources by physical and chemical methods, such as adsorption, membrane separation, and advanced oxidation treatment.
This exchange strengthened the communication between the Distillation Center and the School of Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering of the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and broadened the research ideas of teachers and students, laying a good foundation for further communication and cooperation in the future.

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