Russian experts visit
Academician/Professor of Communication of Institute of Thermal Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences visited the Distillation Center
On October 21st, Prof. A.N. Pavlenko (academician of Russian Academy of Sciences) and Prof. N.I. Pecherkin of the Institute of Thermal Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to Tianjin to conduct a 7-day academic visit and technical exchange with the researchers and graduate students of the Distillation Center. Russian scientists and the college leaders discussed how to further carry out all-round cooperation on the basis of the Sino-Russian international cooperation program, and reached a consensus. During the visit and exchange, Russian scientists visited the new campus of Tianjin University and the experimental base of the Distillation Center of Tianjin University Binhai Research Institute.
Professor A.N. Pavlenko and N.I. Pecherkin participated in the "Mass Transfer and Separation Chemical Forum" organized by the Distillation Center on October 24. During the meeting, the two professors made the report titled "Efficiency of mixture separation on a structured packing–new approaches", "Heat transfer in falling film of the refrigerants mixture on vertical tubes with structured surfaces", "Effect of liquid maldistribution on The separation efficiency for different arrangement of structured packing in the distillation column" and "Hydrodynamics in falling cryogenic liquid films on surfaces with complex geometry". They introduced their research achievements in the field of chemical mass and heat transfer in detail. The chairman of the "Mass Transfer and Separation Chemical Forum" meeting was Director Xingang Li, and the meeting was chaired by deputy director Yonghong Li. Experts in the field of chemical mass transfer in some domestic universities and research institutes participating in the meeting were Jinsong Zhang from Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Wende Xiao from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Hongbing Ji from Sun Yat-Sen University, Researcher Hongbin Cao from Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Bolun Yang from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Professor Chunli Li from Hebei University of Technology, and Professor Mingyan Liu from Tianjin University. They gave a wonderful academic report at the meeting. After the meeting, professors from China and Russia conducted in-depth exchanges on research in the field of chemical mass transfer and separation. This meeting promoted the exchange and cooperation between China and Russia in the field of chemical industry and promoted the development of scientific research in this field.

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