press release of emergency project
The National Natural Science Foundation of China convened a major emergency project seminar in the distillation center
National Natural Science Foundation of China Emergency Major Project ("Control of Pollution System of Complicated Hazardous Chemicals under Time and Space Changes")-Project 4 ("Research on the Combined Treatment Scheme of Complex Pollution System") Seminar was held in The National Engineering Research Center for Distillation Technology of the Tianjin University on August 12, 2016. Professor Yonghong Li, the deputy director of the center, presided over the seminar as the person in charge of the fourth project. Professor Xingang Li, the director of the center, attended and gave key technical guidance. Representatives of cooperative units such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China Academy of Environmental Sciences and Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences attended the seminar and gave reports separately, and the participants discussed the content of each group report in detail.
The project ("Control of Pollution System of Complicated Hazardous Chemicals under the Temporal and Spatial Changes") is a major emergency project with universal natural laws and engineering practicality which are proposed based on the Explosion accident in Tianjin Binhai New Area. This subject was personally instructed and recommended by the vice premier of the State Council Gaoli Zhang and comrade Yandong Liu. It is aiming at fully mobilizing and playing the role of scientific research forces in the chemical industry in the follow-up of accidents, and providing emergency treatment measures for similar incidents in the future, and providing recommendations to minimize disaster losses.
This major project is divided into four sub-topics, including "Research on the physical and chemical properties of hazardous chemicals and emergency disposal", "The migration and diffusion of hazardous chemicals pollutants under the conditions of spatiotemporal changes", "The construction of secondary reactions of hazardous chemical pollutants under spatiotemporal changes", and " Research on the combined treatment scheme of complex pollution system ". The four sub-topics are jointly submitted by Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tianjin University, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Tianjin Academy of Environmental Protection Sciences, Tianjin Normal University and they participated in related research work. The project started in January 2016, and the implementation period is two years. At present, the subject has achieved initial results.

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