Pei-yang Distillation Co., Ltd. participated in the Conversion and Upgrade of National Development Zones under Opening to the Outside World
Pei-yang Distillation Co., Ltd. participated in the report of "Transformation and Upgrading of State-level Development Zones under the Opening Up"
On March 16, 2016, the 16th TEDA Lecture of "Transformation and Upgrading of State-level Development Zones under the Opening Up" was held in the Investment Service Center of the Development Zone. Qing Zhang, deputy secretary of the Working Committee of the Development Zone, attended and presided over the report. Representatives of our company attended the report meeting.
Professor Zhenbang Zhou was invited to be the keynote speaker. Professor Zhenbang Zhou is a senior expert of the China Comprehensive Development Research Institute, the former deputy secretary-general of the China Development Zone Association, and an expert of the Special Economic Zone of the Asian Development Bank. He participated successively in the writing of "Research on the Development Outline of National Development Zones in the Eleventh and Twelfth Five-Years". He has presided over the overall planning of China's establishment of "overseas economic and trade cooperation zones" in Zambia, Nigeria and other countries, and has rich practical experience in the construction and development of special economic zones.
At the report meeting, Professor Zhenbang Zhou started from the development trajectory and development experience of the national development zone, and combined with the policy spirit of the "Several Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Reform and Innovation of the Development Zone", interpreted the background, general idea and concrete measures for the transformation and upgrading of the development zone in detail, and prospectively looking for the new direction of development zone and new opportunity.
This report will enable our company to have a further clear understanding of the functional orientation of state-level development zones in the new period and provide useful guidance.
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